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I was at an industry briefing for a potential new major project last week when a competitor asked me "Do you have much experience in Project Management and Contract Administration in Papua New Guinea?" I stared blankly for a minute and then realised that we really don't talk too much about what we do and where we are at as a company. Although we are Cairns based we basically live and work wholly on Papua New Guinea projects. I am in Papua New Guinea more often than I am not, and so are most of our Project Managers.

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Jul 9, 2016

Everyone helped load the Beacon truck and last week we went out and delivered over $2,000 dollars in goodies to the good people at YAPS. If your looking for a life companion please head out to YAPS in Cairns and help them out.

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May 17, 2016

We recently bought a Ricoh Theta S panoramic camera for taking panoramic one click site photos while doing inspections. We think these cameras produce better record for future reference and allow us to create virtual site tours for Clients who cannot travel to remote locations.

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As part of your design team Beacon Consulting provides innovative and proactive cost management services, designed to control costs and maximise the quality and functionality of the finished building project.
Our project management and cost management services are focused on adding value to your project and about taking responsibility for cost, quality and time.
Beacon Consulting are market leaders in the providing financiers advice in the analysis and mitigation of project risks and have extensive project experience in providing these services to all major financiers in Australia and overseas.
Beacon Consulting have based our business model on staying close the construction market and building relationships with Contractors and Sub-Contractors alike.
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