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Beacon Consulting is an innovative and highly experienced construction and property consultancy firm focused on providing research and knowledge backed services and dedicated to delivering projects using BIM Implementation and Virtual Design and Construction Services.

We offer the following services throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea from our strategically located offices:

  • Project Management
  • 4D Construction Programming and Production Control
  • 5D Quantity Surveying
  • BIM Implementation and Control

Our business is based on delivering excellent results and achieving high levels of repeat business. A strategy that has seen the company grow successfully and organically over the last eight years. Every year we conduct a survey of our clients and colleagues.

Our last client satisfaction survey identified that 94% of our Clients think that we are leaders in our field, a statistic we aim to improve every year.

Our Timeline

  • 2007 - Beacon Consulting is incorporated in Cairns
  • 2008 - Papua New Guinea Company is incorporated
  • 2012 - Building Certification Business Unit Added
  • 2013 - Laser Scanning and HDR scanning Services Added
  • 2014 - Dedicated BIM Services Business Unit Added, Aerial Surveying Services Business Unit Added
  • 2016 - Building Certification Business Unit Sold to Employees
  • 2017 - Celebrating 10 Years of Business


We are a world leader in project delivery

Project Management

Our BIM enabled Project Management is a world leading system unrivalled in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

  • BIM Integrated Delivery
  • Structured Project Systems
  • Robust Project Control Systems
  • Virtual 5D Content Delivery
  • 4D Construction Programming
  • Project Resource Monitoring

5D Quantity Surveying

Our BIM enabled 5D Quantity Surveying Service is a world leading system unrivalled in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

  • Reliable Cost Advice
  • Market Leading Cost Databases
  • BIM Integrated Take-off
  • Costs by Locations and Levels
  • Industry Leaders

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