Social Responsibility


At Beacon Consulting we aim to promote a culture of excellence amongst our employees whilst actively encouraging a rewarding career both professionally and financially. A few responsible late Friday afternoon drinks are a regular feature in our office but so too are internal training events and continual professional development.

We encourage innovation and actively ask our employees to spend company time preparing research on topics which interest them and add value to the company. Our NRL footy tipping competition is Greg's personal highlight of the year as an avid footy fan. Each year we run a competition on our website offering a fun way for our staff and clients to interact with us.

Charities and Charity Work

Each year we support the following charities and organisations by means of financial support and donations. Over the last seven years we have contributed to the following charities;

  • Staff Care
  • Team Activities
  • Flu Immunisations

Beacon Consulting prides itself on promoting and ensuring good health of employees which consists of a number of staff benefits and incentives, including:

  • Regular courses of Vitamin C (thanks Joli!)
  • Positive Work-Life Balance
  • Relaxed office environment

Sometimes we let our hair down and do activities and stuff with the team, it's challenging, mostly fun, and sometimes boring, but at least we can say we're doing something good for our team spirit, including:

  • Bocce
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Lawn bowls
  • A few responsible Friday afternoon drinks

Flu. It costs us money. We don't want our staff getting sick or bludging on the company dollar any more than they already do, so yep, we all get the needles!

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