3D Laser Scanning and Capture

What is Reality Capture and HDR Laser Scanning?

The construction industry is changing and developing and Beacon Consulting is at the forefront of these changes. Beacon Consulting's 3D laser scanning and advanced reality capture technologies allow you to deliver fast and accurate surveys of as-built and on-site conditions with direct benefits to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market.

Our team deliver reality capture and point cloud models for use in Building Information Modelling (BIM) applications with full compatibility with all BIM design platforms. Point cloud files for as-built structures can be provided in multiple point cloud formats. Where clients have no expertise using point cloud files Beacon Consulting offer a complete start to finish Scan-To-BIM delivery service as well as training on Scan-to-BIM workflows for engineers and designers.

Our fleet of HDR / Reality Capture scanning equipment and software is designed to support all major BIM software, ensuring our clients receive accurate, compatible, and georeferenced data. Beacon Consulting have laser scanners in Australia and Papua New Guinea are best positioned to support reality capture projects throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Our recent projects have included new construction, as built surveys, mining installations, multi-storey refurbishment projects, and heritage projects where we have provided accurate reality capture for measurement and dimensioning.
Benefits of Reality Capture / HDS
  • Reality Capture is quick and affordable
  • Eliminates site measurement time wastage and multiple site visits
  • Accurate foundation BIM for reliable site and design dimensioning
  • Accurate dimensions for delivering shop drawing design from 3D models
  • Clearance measurements and clash detection
  • Bulk Earthworks measurement and monitoring
  • Point in time scans of works in progress for potential disputes or claims
  • Building positioning or as-built recording
  • 3D models provide real information, in one place for decision making
  • Provide as-built BIM modelling with high degrees of accuracy
Laser scanning is also known as 3D laser imaging, high definition surveying, Reality Capture or 3D laser surveying.

HDR laser scanning is very simple in principle. A laser scanner is mounted on a tripod next to the area to be scanned. The scanner fires a laser and measures the time it takes for the laser to be reflected back, with which it can calculate the distance from the reflected point.

The scanner systematically sweeps the room with these measurements until it has a complete picture of the 3D space round it. This collection of measurements is called a point cloud, and is the data set from which we can extract valuable information and 3D models.

The resulting measurements and location points are then plotted into the 3D world in different registration software packages based upon a GPS co-ordinates, survey control points, and a series of targets and reference points, which create a scalable 3D image / point cloud of the space or the object.

Our laser scanners are all GPS enabled to speed up and make this process more accurate and produce geolocated models.

This scan data is processed into point cloud files of varying format which can then be converted into a Building Information Modelling (BIM) format or other file type for a wide variety of applications.

Beacon Consulting can provide you with a laser scan of an existing building from as little as $2,800. The data can be scanned, processed and delivered to you for production within Revit on the same day or next day, and you already have the software capable of using point cloud files.

3D Laser Scanning Surveys for Archtitecture

Our core business is construction delivery and our involvement in Reality Capture and Scan to BIM came from our involvement in using the technologies to deliver better results to our Clients.

Beacon Consulting work closely with architectural, engineering, and construction firms to document and provide Building Information Models (BIM) built directly from HDR / Reality Capture scans in today's most popular modelling tools such as Revit and AutoCAD.

We offer a dedicated team of Revit professionals who work in close consultation with you to ensure the delivery of fully compliant and audited Autodesk Revit BIM models. All 3D Laser Scan surveys are conducted by qualified technicians giving you the peace of mind that all works are conducted accurately and to worlds best practice standards.

Laser scanning has multiple uses for Architects including:

  • Modelling of actual conditions in BIM
  • Visualisation of Existing Conditions and Clash Detection in BIM
  • Surveys of existing conditions and services
Below is an example of a Beacon Consulting project where existing site conditions were scanned and then used for site planning and visualisation with project BIM models.
The laser scan file given to the Architect in Autodesk Recap Format is shown below:

The laser scan file and BIM model are shown below in Autodesk Navisworks:

3D Laser Scanning to BIM Model Conversion

Whilst Reality Capture and HDR scanning is an excellent tool for all projects, developing functional, and more importantly accurate, BIM models from the Laser Scanning Data is still a process which is not for beginners.

That is why Beacon Consulting offer Archiects, Designers, Clients, and Builders the option of having us convert your scan data into fully functional parametric BIM models in Autodesk Revit, IFC or Tekla.

We have successfully partnered with Architects, Engineers, and Builders to provide data capture and documentation of intricate heritage listed facades, complex existing buildings, concrete frames of buildings under construction, and complete high definition laser scan surveys of an entire city blocks, which were then converted to Revit Models ready for Designers to begin their design works.

Beacon Consulting has the capability and expertise to provide the required spatial information services to architectural firms throughout Australia and PNG as well as the capability to train you use this information to create usable BIM models, or even provide the complete 3D modelling for you.

3D Laser Scanning for Builders and Sub Contractors

Floor and Slab Flatness Surveys
We can provide surveys of slab and floor flatness as well as topography plans of slabs and floors. Our quick and easy scans provide you with QA documents to measure and monitor way to observe the flatness of a floor in accordance with the specifications required by mimicking the use of the Dipstick. Benefits include the following:

  • Be proactive with a preliminary floor flatness analysis and see how floors will perform prior to physical inspection by 3rd party, to mitigate inspection failures
  • Ability to conduct analysis while concrete is still fresh, due to the non-contact nature of laser scanning
  • Using an advanced statistical method, obtain extremely accurate and precise measurements along concrete (<1/100 inch) that simulate phyical profiling devices.
BCA Ramp Compliance
We can provide surveys of construction ramps, stairs and pathways to ensure as constructed conditions will comply with the following specifications for. The maximum slope of a ramp in new construction is in accordance with the BCA.

Set-Out Checking and Progress Checking / Record Keeping and Dispute Avoidance
Our reality capture services can be used monitor progress and check set out of works on site in when working on BIM projects. Taking regular scans creates a permanent "point-in-time" record of works completed and a detailed dimensionally correct 3D model.

Point clouds generated by the laser scanner can be directly compared against the BIM models or AutoCAD plans and measurements of area, length and volume can be calculated from the point cloud data.

Performance improvements in most recent Autodesk products allow for enhanced display settings, support better point cloud visualization.

Point cloud surveys can help you defend and/or avoid future disputes by providing an accurate and permanent record of works completed on-site.

Topographical Surveys
We can provide surveys of construction sites to create smooth, beautiful, and most importantly, informative contours surveys that help identify potential issues or create work estimates.

Simple, yet powerful, we can customize the contours to identify highs and lows based on certain intervals or ranges, as well as removal of construction debris from the analysis.

Topographical surveys can then be exported directly into all survey file formats AutoCAD and Civil 3D, to facilitate the creation of your deliverables.

Virtual Surveying
We can provide surveys of construction sites and existing streetscapes and buildings to perform a number of your general surveying deliverables virtually.

The advantages of performing virtual surveys include:

  • Minimizing field labour hours thereby allowing you reallocate those hours to the office and reduce costs
  • Lowering your risk by performing a virtual survey in case clarifications need to be made, without needing to return to the field and re-mobilize
  • Increasing Flexibility through creating additional deliverables that are requested at a later time. You can always return to the 3D laser scan anytime.
  • Create field to finish surveying deliverables to capture important features, and create layout points that can be exported directly to CSV format to re-check areas in the field if needed

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