BIM Implementation and Control

BIM Services Overview

Beacon Consulting is one of Australia's leading construction BIM integration services firms specialising in managing and assisting project teams to successfully deliver BIM requirements on Building, Construction, and Infrastructure works Projects.

Beacon have developed our BIM services offering as a practical hands on solution which is backed by a suite of our own pre-built industry leading tools and procedures which assist teams to deliver real BIM outcomes that actually add value and reduce costs.

These services are based on real hands on practical project experience working on our own internal projects and projects where we are engaged as a standalone BIM services consultancy.

We have developed solutions for the design and construction industries ranging from managing BIM implementation and processes for Managing Contractors to field based BIM solutions and BIM modelling.

We have been drawing on local and international benchmarking and project experience in technology, development and business practices to:

  • improve your organisation's performance, processes, systems and people.
  • develop and grow your program and portfolio management and delivery capability.
  • provide industry documents, systems and standards that reflect global best practice.
  • develop BIM strategies and integrate them in to the fabric of your organisation.
  • reduce the risk involved in integrating new systems.

We have industry ready technical people in all disciplines that are available to engage in your business on a contract, permanent, consulting or semi-permanent level to assist with the integration of this change within your business.

It does not matter if you are a large or small business, we can accommodate the integration, because our technical people look at every company on an individual basis rather than formalising generic training packages.

BIM Implementation Services

  • Are you interested in establishing or using BIM on your Project, Portfolio, or within your Company?
  • Do you have an upcoming project that's a perfect fit for BIM and want to do it right the first time?
  • Has a Client specified that BIM be used on a building or Project you are tendering on or have won?

Beacon's BIM Services Team not only provides help to our Project Managers and Cost Managers to deliver BIM on our projects but also offer a standalone BIM Consulting Service to Clients, Contractors, and Design Teams across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Our BIM Services Team will ensure that your BIM implementation actually works, without spending wasted time, effort and costs, and set up your Project Team, or Teams, with the tools they need to meet your requirements and make your BIM project work first time. We can work as part of your team in your office, in our offices, or on your project site to meet the requirements of your particular project.

In-house BIM Modelling Staff for Support

Design and Documentation is not our core business and never will be, but we have found that because BIM implementation can reduce project time frames in many instances, a team of in-house modelling resources is sometimes required to supplement the modelling resources of the design team.

Beacon Consulting has a team of fully qualified BIM Modellers and BIM experts in house to deliver these supplementary resources as well as provide the core of our BIM services team.

This team forms part of our BIM model auditing team which is responsible for the BIM the control and checking process, but can also assist under performing or inexperienced consultants who are unable to, or have need to learn how to provide BIM models to meet our 4D and 5D requirements.

Beacon's 3D Modelling Services employ quality assurance processes throughout the model development stages so that coordination efforts are thorough and meaningful.

BIM Model Auditing - Model Quality Assessment

For BIM Models to be used as a tool for construction coordination, estimating, and scheduling, Clients, Project Managers, and Contractors who are relying on BIM models need a service to determine if the BIM model they have been given, or paid for, is fit for the use of its intended purpose.

Our BIM Model Auditing and Quality Assessment Service checks and inspects your BIM models system by system, family by family, noting any omissions, mistakes, or areas for improvement. Further, we conduct a full check of the 3D content in relation to the 2D drawings and documentation to the model's quality and detail.

Why would you want to take advantage of our BIM Model Auditing and Quality Assessment Service:

  • You are an Owner, Contractor or Client that has engaged a design team to deliver BIM models and Drawings and want to check the quality or the models at certain stages of Design.
  • You are a Contractor who has been provided BIM models to use for Construction, Programming or Tendering and you want to check the quality of models to determine if they can be relied upon for Cost Estimating and Tendering Purposes.
  • You are a Project Manager who is working on behalf of a Client. Your Client should only have to pay for one model. If the first model can be used with slight fixes, everybody wins. However, if the model needs to be re-done, the team knows right away and can take immediate action.

Our BIM Model Auditing and Quality Assessment Service is easy to access and is based on the following key process:

  • You complete a brief questionnaire about the scope of the project and purpose the models are to be used for.
  • You upload the questionnaire, our signed fee agreement, the drawings, and the model to our online document management system.
  • Our BIM Services Team will examine and interrogate the model based on eight quality aspects.
  • Our BIM Services Team will deliver a report to you which grades the model by system. This is a third-party independent review of the model which you can share with the design team and the Owner. It includes detailed explanations of issues with the model, comparing 2D snapshots with 3D snapshots where applicable, plus recommendations for resolving the issue.
  • You determine if you would like to use the model(s) as-is or receive a quotation from us to fix the model.

Engaging Beacon as your BIM Model Auditing and Quality Assessment Service Provider ensures that your consultants are actually doing the BIM modelling you are paying for.

Our Standard 5D Virtual BIM Content Library

Designing, Documenting, and Cost Planning a building is a lot like baking a cake. Each has an order and sequence of events and instructions at each stage. To keep the analogy going, the Beacon Standard Plan of Work is essentially the cookbook and the Beacon Consulting Standard 5D Virtual BIM Content Library is your pantry of ingredients!

Beacon Consulting have developed a comprehensive library of over 5,000 standard building components structured in our unique elemental format in both Autodesk Revit™ and Graphisoft ArchiCAD™ which we provide free of charge to Client/Owners and design teams for use to develop the BIM models for our Cost Management and Project Management projects.

Where we are the Project Manager we insist that the design team use this library as it delivers best practice modelling in accordance with our Standard Plan of Works. Where we are engaged in a standalone 5D Quantity Surveying or Cost Planning role we encourage the use of our 5D content due to its accuracy and ease of use, however it is not mandatory.

The Beacon Standard 5D Virtual BIM Content Library works in conjunction with our Standard 5D Cost Plans. When using our Design Responsibility Matrix and Beacon Consulting LOD Specification the whole system combines to significantly deliver real BIM objectives that make life easier for our design teams and save Client/Owner time and money.

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