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What Sets Beacon Apart?

Beacon Consulting is a genuinely different Project Management Practice. Our 4D and 5D Project BIM Implementation Standards, and Virtual Design and Construction Delivery Model, sets us clearly apart from our competitors. Put simply there really are no other firms like us in Australia.

When Beacon commenced operations in 2007 our core focus was to integrate BIM delivery into our construction delivery process and realise the benefits of BIM and Virtual Construction. Since 2007 we have been continuously improving our Project Management and Cost Control delivery strategies around BIM implementation and have delivered successfully over that time hundreds and millions of dollars of new construction and development work.

Beacon have been delivering BIM projects before BIM was cool.

Before you read on you need to understand that the fundamentals to a successful project are well co-ordinated drawings and accurate design documentation.

Without an excellent set of construction documents you as a Client/Owner are exposed to cost increase risks, programme risks, and in many instances dispute, or in extreme instances total project failure.

Our solution is simple, deliver better design documents by forming part of the design process and by using our integrated BIM design process and Standard Plan of Work.

Beacon has been able to grow organically by developing BIM orientated processes that deliver consistently excellent results for our Clients. This consistency has in turn led to our high levels of repeat business and organisational growth.

Beacon is a boutique and bespoke firm focused on quality service and relationships, as opposed to size and turnover. We believe in enjoying our work and take on projects based on how we can add value as opposed to how we can maximise profits.

Our lean size means we are agile and can go from idea to implementation faster than our competitors. This results in innovation and faster organisational change. Combined with our commitment to continual research and development and internal training, Beacon Consulting are clear industry leaders in BIM delivery and Project Management.

What we have achieved as a standard for our Project Management Services on each project is a superior delivery service than that provided by our competitors. The difference is that we are not traditional Project Managers, we have evolved.

The reality of our Service is that we basically become both the Design and Construction Team Leaders providing leadership, management and structured systems to deliver better design including;

  • Integrated BIM design control and implementation.
  • Intelligent risk based Procurement Planning and Contract Strategies.
  • Integrated Cost Control and location based 5D Cost Planning.
  • Design Review, Control, Co-Ordination and Quality Control.
  • Integrated On-site Production Control to Identify Programme Failure and Control Actions.
  • Collaborative Contract Management and Micro Managed Project Control.
From our experience other Project Management firms tend to see themselves as overseers isolated from the design team. This is where we are fundamentally different.

Other firms become an unnecessary road block for communication and decision making with the Client/Owner, adding little value to construction projects and, in most instances, do not deliver a service which influences overall project outcomes.

In our experience the following is what traditional Project Managers actually provide in a design and construction process:

  • Other Project Managers are rarely involved in design decision making, design review and quality control of design documents.
  • Other Project Managers typically lack qualifications that enable them to make informed decisions on project design, cost outcomes or engineering services and rely heavily on the consultant team to deliver their services without being technically able to audit the quality of those services.
  • Other Project Managers become an unnecessary road block to project communications and problem solving during the construction phase, often delaying responses to RFI's which, in turn, often delays project delivery.
  • Other Project Managers know very little about controlling costs yet very rarely utilise quantity surveyors to their full potential on projects.

Structured Project Management Approach

Beacon Consulting organise all of our projects into a structured phase based process which is backed up by structured and clearly defined internal procedures and processes for our project managers, as well as clearly structured deliverables and responsibilities for project stakeholders, which are communicated using our standards Plan of Work Documents.

By standardising project delivery phases and having developed a clear set of scoping and roles based responsibilities documents we ensure that project scope, roles, and responsibilities are known by all project participants at all stages. This structured approach helps to achieve one of the core objectives of the Beacon Standard Plan of Work, namely greater cohesion within the construction industry and project network.

The eight stages of the Beacon Standard Plan of Work are shown as follows:

Our Standard Plan of Work is comprised of a number of key documents that are designed to provide a structured set of data which communicate to all parties their responsibilities under both their sub-consultancy agreements with you as the Owner / Client, as well as their contractual requirements under the Building Contract.

These documents are listed as follows;

Project Roles Matrix – A detailed list of the roles in the project matched with the names of the Companies and individuals who have been appointed by the Client/Owner to deliver these roles.

Project Tasks and Responsibilities Matrix – A detailed list of tasks that are required to be performed over the duration of the project listed by design phase and noting who is responsible for providing and collaborating BIM model information as well as how that information is exchanged between parties and the electronic or physical file format of the information to be exchanged.

Design Responsibility Matrix – A detailed list of building elements broken down by the AUFormat method of elemental breakdown of building works. The Design responsibility matrix provides a detailed list of who is responsible for designing, documenting, specifying elements of the building works as well as detailing who is responsible for modelling these works and at what level of detail these works are to be modelled.

LOD Specification – A detailed list of building elements broken down by the AUFormat method of componentising building works, and specifies what levels of model geometry, special information, and sundry information are required to be modelled at different LOD stages.

Beacon Consulting BIM Guidelines – A detailed instruction list of requirements for BIM modelling and information planning, project BIM planning, and other BIM related items designed for use across all projects.

Beacon Consulting Consultants Project Requirements and Project Plan – A detailed list of requirements and procedures specific to your individual project, agreed with you in the early stages of design.

BIM Enabled Project Design and Delivery

Our Standard Project Management Service is built on collaboration and BIM implementation to produce superior design documentation and allow proactive construction and project planning outcomes.

Everyone works within our BIM framework in a collaborative team to produce team based outcomes aligned with your requirements.

Our Standard Plan of Work ensures that everyone involved on the project knows exactly what their roles, objectives, and deliverables are, and works as an integrated team to deliver project outcomes together.

The organisational structure of a construction project utilising the Beacon Standard Plan of Work is shown below. You will notice the following fundamental differences in the organisational structures.

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) is at the centre of our projects which allows us to deliver better design outcomes and the entire team contributing to the development of Best Practice BIM.
  • Communication is open between all parties with the Client/Owner including the Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Project Manager and BIM Co-ordinator, and including the Building Contractor can communicate at the same level to achieve the results of the project.
  • The project team is a collaborative team and all team members are committed to the project team's goals and values. Leadership of the process is taken by Beacon Consulting but each party is responsible for their specific work and services and all report back to the Client/Owner. Often, design professionals and contractors lead in areas of their traditional competence and expertise with support from the entire team, however specific roles are necessarily determined on a project-by-project basis. Using our standard Plan of Work Project Roles and Design responsibilities are clearly defined without creating barriers that prevent open communication, collaboration, and risk taking.

BIM Enabled Production Control - Delivering Construction On Time

The trouble with construction planning in Australia and Papua New Guinea is that few, if any construction programmes and schedules are based on actual quantities of work to be performed and estimated productivity rates. Generally in the construction industry a task duration is based on the Contractors 'Gut Feel'.

Beacon Consulting use a scientifically based, practically delivered BIM based scheduling method to work with Contractors and Clients to deliver our projects on-time.

Lets be clear, this is innovative and sets us apart from our competitors. When you start working with our systems you will see that it makes perfect sense when you understand it and really think about it.

Essentially, we use our 5D BIM Model quantities combined with the productivity rates contained in our Cost Plan to calculate the durations for each task on the construction site. It sounds so simple, but the reality is that no one does it in practice in the construction industry and it is a major reason why productivity is not properly controlled or tracked on a construction site, and why so often a project will run over programme and finish late.

But we do not judge. Resource and location based scheduling is difficult because of the following factors;

  • It isn't easy and requires a lot, and we mean a lot, of research development and implementation.
  • It requires construction calibre BIM models.
  • It requires accurate quantity take-off from BIM models
  • It requires Cost Plans which are derived from actual costs, labour, and resources which are derived from our experience and knowledge of actual construction productivity rates. Not just basic m2 rates.
  • It requires taking BIM to the next level.
Beacon Consulting have invested the necessary time and money into research, development, and procedures to achieve all of the above. Are we 100% of the way done? No. We are continually improving our libraries of costs, productivity rates, and procedures because these are always changing. We find better and faster ways to do things. We learn and improve. We are committed to continuous improvement.

Using the quantities by location taken from the BIM model, and productivity rates from our Cost Plans, we use our Construction Schedule Planning software to optimise construction programmes and schedules based on the right mix of crew sizes and task splitting, including adding buffers for procurements, float, and other non-model-based tasks.

Our 4D BIM based Programming and Schedule Planning software provides a scientific way of optimising a construction schedule with these durations, sequencing logic, and even geography-specific pricing. By creating a programme which eliminates stops and starts for Subcontractors and work crews we reduce project risk and keep the project flowing smoothly.

The end result is a cost and resource-loaded schedule that provides Owners and Contractors with inside and out knowledge of the resources and tasks required in a project, resulting in appreciation and efficiencies on both sides of the equation.

Structured Online Document and Cost Control System

Our Prolog Project Management system gives you 24/7 online and iPad access to all project documents, budgets, reports, and project information to ensure you always keep informed. The use of Prolog is included within our Project Management fees saving most Clients tens of thousands of dollars compared to using solutions like Aconex.

Beacon Consulting has made a significant investment both in time and cost of developing our web based project management and document system, which has been specially customised to suit our business systems, and allows our project management teams to successfully deliver projects throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea.

With cost reporting in both Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, US Dollar and Papua New Guinea Kina Contracts, our fully customised Prolog system provides a single point of origin of all project documentation, and a solid and robust system for collaboration, cost control, reporting, and document control. Our online system provides a single source of truth benefiting all project team members and clients.

Prolog is not just a document storage system. Prolog is a complete start to finish Project Management Solution and forms the backbone of our project financial and contractual management systems. It provides robust data driven cost control for payments for all project suppliers, consultants, and contractors. It is used to manage all issues during the design and construction process including;

  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Requests for Information
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Contractor Notices
  • Conversations
  • Potential Variations
  • Approved Variations
  • Contract Agreements
  • Progress Claims
  • Safety Notices
  • Inspections and Tests
  • Defects and Punch Lists
The advantages of using our Prolog Online Project Management System are;

  • Brings your entire project team together, including owners, builders, designers and subcontractors, in a real-time, online project management environment.
  • Desktop, laptop and tablet based online user interface as well as fully functional iPad application for offline access to all project information and drawings.
  • Reduce project financial risk and exposure by enabling teams to collaborate on the critical information required to deliver projects on time and on budget.
  • Gain visibility into the movement of project costs with cash flow forecasting.
  • 24/7 access to reports and information by all project participants via the internet or iPad.
  • Increase user adoption within you're a project team through role-based user interfaces.
  • Streamline routing and approvals with predefined workflows for approval of key project documents and processes.
  • Simplify the capture and management of multiple project documents with email and file capture.
  • Store key project spreadsheets, PDFs, documents and even BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) files in one central location.
  • Provides end-to-end business solutions with an extensible, interoperable Web services platform that allows diverse systems and organizations to work together
  • Built on the Meridian Prolog Converge system with the power and safety of SQL database technology and over 18 years of product development.

Nowhere is too hard - Papua New Guinea and Remote Locations

Our Cairns Office has been successfully been delivering projects in Papua New Guinea and remote locations throughout our entire history and have an enviable record of delivering remote location projects on-budget and on-time despite the obvious challenges encountered in these locations. We are arguably which can be attributed to our knowledge and ability to deliver the following:

  • Design and construction methodologies sympathetic to local resources, trades and logistics requirements.
  • Intelligent procurement knowledge and strategies.
  • Well co-ordinated BIM design documents and document co-ordination.
  • Commitment to Papua New Guinea and continual in-country team members.
  • Commitment to working with local firms and companies to deliver world class results.
Over the our history we have successfully delivered over PGK 300M of new construction works in Papua New Guinea as Project Managers and have a long list of successful project examples and clients who will testify to our ability to deliver Papua New Guinea's best Cost Management and Project Management Service.

Our success in delivering projects in Papua New Guinea is our ability to develop procurement strategies that provide successful design and construction outcomes based on the location of projects and the availability of local skills, firms and abilities as well as a the logistical issues associated with delivering projects in a particular location.

Our integrated Cost Management services allow us to deliver a Project Management service in remote locations which provide accurate advice on project timing, procurement strategy, accurate construction costings, and sensitivity to local issues that only highly experienced local quantity surveyors can provide.

If you need your project to be delivered on budget in a remote location there is no better choice for project management and cost management than Beacon Consulting.

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